Without a Parent

I always found the stories of a chld who had to take care of other children because a parent was absent. I understood alcholics, druggies and occasionally, the death of another spouse.

What I couldn't understand was workaholics.

Why couldn't they let things go from their job so that they could spend time with their kids? When did it become more important to have a job than to love and cherish your children?

In recent experiences, I have learned not only what it truly means to be a workaholic, but also how it affects the kids. They are forced to grow up way too soon. They are the ones picking up perscriptions, dropping off the library books, making dinner and school. And those are the ones who are only children or have older siblings away.

It's even worse for those with younger siblings. They not only have the responsibilities dropped of errands and dinner but the actual job of parenting. It's a huge task to ask of anyone - and its ginormous for a teenager who doesn't have the choice or the option to say no.

It all makes sense - and I may now be able to write about it. But that doesn't mean I wanted those experiences for anyone.

What experiences have made it easier for you to write about but you never wish on anyone?

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The Dreamer of Dreams said...

Okay, the first choice, obviously, is death of a close relative or friend. No matter whom you talk to, everyone will know someone that died. Sometimes it affects people more than others and that's fine. For me, especially the death of a good friend, it helped me later when writing about the feelings that one has when dealing with such a tragic event.

Other personal experiences that make it easier to write about include variations of loneliness, depression and unrequited love. Of course, these also happen to a lot of people, but it's how each person handles each situation.

For me, after my experiences with these situations, I discovered that I remembered quite a lot of information about how I felt and how others reacted to me at those times. This information has helped me when writing about certain aspects of my own life, though in a fictional environment, which is something that we all do anyway.

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