The 3 A.M. Epiphany Review

The 3 A.M. Epiphany - Brian Kiteley

Brian Kiteley, a professor at the University of Denver's Creative Writing PhD program, gives writers 201 writing exercises in several different categories to are pledged to "transform your fiction."

The exercises are split into 20 sections:

-Point of View
- Images
- Characters and Waysof Seeing
- Women and Men
- Children and Childhood
- Conversation
- Thought and Emotion
- Biography and Autobiograhpy
- Time
- History
- Description
- Sentences - Butting up against each other
- Other People's Sentences
- Play and Games
- Sports
- Humor
- Travel
- Internal Structure
- Exercises for Stories in Progress
Each exercise ranges from 600 to 1,000 words to keep the details short and each one meaningful. While Kiteley advises not to use these as an extension of a work in progress, I find them useful for new ways at looking at scenes to be written or needing to be rewritten in my works in progress.
For example, I did the first exercise (they can be done in any order), The Reluctant I, where you are suppose to write a story fragment from the first person point of view while only using personal pronouns (I, me, my, mine) twice. It was a challenge but it made me realize there are times I don't need to use I, me, my or mine and yet I do.
Kiteley's book has given me a new look at certain aspects of writing and has also given me prompts for when it's a dry day.
I would recommend the book to anyone - it's a creative mix and there's definitely something for everyone in there.

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